About us

About us

The owners of Sparklz Rhinestones, Elaine and Hannah Davis have been involved in the world of dance fashion for many years, designing and making ballroom and latin dresses for dancers around the world.  For some time we have felt that the very high cost of the top quality brands of Austrian crystals and rhinestones have put the price of a costume heavily embellished with rhinestones, beyond the reach of many dancers.  At the other end of the market Korean and unbranded stones imported from the Far East are cheap but lack the sparkle factor and in some cases are actually dull and fail to enhance the look of a costume at all!!

We have spent the last couple of years attempting to find a quality machine cut stone with a good sparkle at an affordable price and six months ago we found the stones that we were looking for!!   Since then we have used these stones on the vast majority of our dance costumes with great sucess, our customers have been very happy with them and they have enabled us to produce our dress designs at more affordable prices.

Due to the difficulty which we found in sourcing the quality of stones that we were looking for at a price that we wanted to pay we have set up this website to enable us to supply these  directly to designers, dressmakers and dancers and hope that our customers will be as pleased with these as we have been!


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